S.T.E.P.S Method

Systematic Tools to E nhance P erformance of S tudents

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Each student’s Personal Plan for Progress provides opportunities for a student to reflect upon goals and progress toward reaching those goals, Breaking Ranks reminds us that the Personal Learning Plan for each Student member will facilitate self-appraisal and that “self-reflection becomes more effective when pursued in a formal and systematic way.

“Meet My Family” Program

We offer families significant opportunities to monitor student progress on a regular basis (i.e., report cards are not enough). The School representatives meet with families on weekends, at home or accommodate work schedules in other ways.

Mind mapping & memory Sessions

Special Sessions organized for Mind mapping by scientific methodology to diagnose weaker sections of child behavior. Special Counseling and Healing Sessions for Hyper-active and Attention deficit students.

Gifted and Talented Support, SEN and EASL

Our Gifted and Talented students are provided with a program of extension activities, including Master Classes. We also provide a program of carefully planned and individualized support for those with other special educational needs, as well as those with English as a second language.

Training for leadership

The prefects body of the school cabinet assist the school administration by bridging the gap between the students and teachers. Students are expected and trained to shoulder responsibilities through various offices and activities. This helps the students to develop self-confidence and leadership qualities.